Rain, rain, go away

So, again I should apologise for not keeping my blog up to date – I’m nothing if consistent at being consistently bad at updating it.

I can’t exactly say I’ve been full of the joys of Spring since my last post – after the ridiculously cold winter here, we were treated to an insanely wet March, and only this week has it been warm enough for me to stop wearing my down filled coat. This has also made me very jealous of all the gloriously sunny weather back in the UK over the past few weeks…hopefully the tables will turn soon.

Anyway, some highlights from the last few weeks for you…

Because of the aforementioned rain and large amounts of (very wet) snow in the mountains, activities have been somewhat limited, but I braved the rain with my friend Ali a few weeks back for a repeat of the Quarry Rock hike out at Deep Cove. I got to try the famous Honey’s doughnuts this time too, which definitely lived up to the hype. Highlight of that hike was seeing people hiking with umbrellas.

This is a colour photo, I promise

I also recently got to experience my first taste of North American football (by this I mean soccer, or just football to us), which was just a little different; the crowds are a lot less rowdy, there is a lot more emphasis on eating whilst watching the game, and once the Whitecaps scored more than 3 goals, everyone in the crowd was told they could take their ticket stub to a local hairdressers for a free haircut, and to a smoothie place for a free drink… The Whitecaps were playing LA Galaxy (quite sad that David Beckham doesn’t play for them anymore, Ashley Cole does though – this lead to some extensive UK celebrity googling when I got home about Cheryl Cole, or just ‘Cheryl’ as she apparently now wants to be known?! And as if she’s had a baby with someone from One Direction?! Sorry, this is quite a tangent) and every time someone scored a goal, the crowd would chant the players name three times, but shouting the last name really loudly, and then chant ‘Thank you – YOU’RE WELCOME!’ at the end. SO Canadian.

Whitecaps vs. LA Galaxy at BC Place 

At the end of March, two people who had become really good friends here left Vancouver to move to their (sort of) native Toronto. It was a bit weird saying goodbye to people already, but a trip east is surely on the cards at some point.

Mike & Alison will really thank me for this one, I’m sure

Trying to keep up with the crazy levels of running here has also started to take it’s toll a bit, and my poor 32 year old body has started objecting somewhat, so while I don’t have race plans on the horizon, I’m trying to take it a bit easier on the mileage and get reacquainted with the foam roller. Warning to anyone who runs: DO NOT neglect your foam rolling. I promise doing it regularly and consistently is a far better option than screaming into your fist whilst foam rolling for the first time in year.

Trail running fun

Easter was a weird one here – only Good Friday is considered a Bank Holiday, so I had that day off but had to work the rest of the weekend, and you only get Monday off if you work in a Government type job. I did manage an Easter Sunday roast dinner though, which included Yorkshire puddings made with wholewheat bread flour in a mini muffin pan – surprisingly successful. I also attempted my first ever gravy from scratch, which also wasn’t terrible.

Easter eggs on snowy trees on a Good Friday hike

While I don’t have enough new content for a full Canadianisms post, my latest discovery about this maple syrup loving nation is that they seem desperately terrified of their groceries touching anyone else’s on the supermarket conveyor belt. Seriously, if there aren’t any dividers available and I start to put my shopping down behind theirs, they give me a petrified glare – do they think I’m going to expect them to pay for my shopping? And when I’m the one in front, as soon as I put that divider at the end of my shopping, they will invariably give me a gracious ‘thank you’ before quickly unloading their shopping onto the sacred space.

Well, this is all quite dull isn’t it?! I think I was going to write a post about snowboarding at some point, so maybe I’ll line that one up for my next one. And I have a trip to Portland planned for May, so that’ll give me something a bit more interesting to write about.

In the meantime, don’t forget that my sofa bed is available for guests – it doesn’t rain here ALL the time…

A rare sunny day